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  small batch herbal tinctures and healing oils, heirloom garlic and onions (when in season) grown on our farm in Warren, Or

This is pure organic avocado oil with Mugwort which is said to boost circulation, cleansing impurities and regulates hormones, and enhaces dreams. This oil is rich and emollient making it ideal for blending with essential oils of your choice and making a beautiful massage or body oil, particularly if you have blemishes or eczema or rubbed on the belly to relieve menstrual cramps. This oil is rich in vitamins and oleic acid which makes it hydrating and softening to the skin, and soothes inflammation. This Mugwort is hand-harvested and the oil is infused with healing intentions.

Mugwort Oil

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  • All of the ingredients for our products are grown on our farm with organic practices.