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Body-Mind Healing with Plant Medicine, Breathwork and Somatics

Echinecea Flowers
Echinecea Flowers

Wellness Herbal Consultation

Alenka is an experienced herbalist and passionate health advocate offering holistic herbal consultations tailored to individual needs. With her knowledge and experience, she can help individuals empower their journey towards improved mental and physical health and well-being.

herbal medicine

Astro-Herbal Consultation

Alenka is an experienced herbalist offering personalized astro-herbalism services to help you align with your own unique constitution. She combines her expertise in plants and planets to create remedies especially tailored to your individual needs. She will look at your astrological birthchart to see what planetary influences, elements and modes are at play to assist in herbal remedy choices.

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Flowers and Herbs
somatic healing and yoga

Somatic Healing

Alenka's somatic healing approach is embodied, nurturing, and trauma-informed, helping to align your mind, heart, and body with movement and breath. Through deeply listening, you have the opportunity to cultivate a deeper level of self-awareness, connection, and healing.

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Meet Alenka


Alenka has been on the plant path, studying herbal medicine paired with astrology, body work and dance since the 90's. Graduating with a Master Clinical Herbalist Certification (2600 Hours) in 2019, following 350 advanced hours at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. She is also a certified Somatic practitioner/yoga instructor having finished a 200YTT.

She grows all the herbs for her tinctures and oils on the farm, harvesting with the planetary cycles. If you are interested in alternative healing methods that go deep into the whole person, delving into the mental, physical and spiritual aspects, then book a consultation.

Herbal Garden
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