Taurus Season Medicinal Plants

The spark of Aries congeals into the fixed earth element in Taurus, which is the middle of the season and represents the roots “fixing” in the earth. Venus is the planet associated with Taurus and represents beauty and the appreciation of beauty as well as moisture. Taurus season therefore, is a time to take the spark of Aries and ground ourselves, deeply rooted in the earth and appreciate the blossoming beauty of spring. The energetics of Taurus are wet, moist and feminine, representing the 2nd house which is what we hold true or what we value. Taurus season is a time to cultivate what we value and accept what is, understanding stability but having flexibility. Because of the fixed earth, Taureans generally accumulates water and can tend to have damp stagnation in the tissue. Venus rules kidneys and so the bitter, digestive and astringent plants help with moisture regulation and metabolism processes of digestion, absorption and utilization. The morphology of the Taurus plants are plants that are stocky, broad, rigid, thick and oily. Oak bark is a good example of a solid, rooted, and dense quality that we find in Taurus medicine. The more you can tighten things up the better as Taureans tend toward lax tissue, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and prolapsed organs. Red root is astringent and tonifying, while rosemary, oregano and thyme are among the pungent herbs which build the fire element to help dry out the excess moisture. Herbs that facilitate metabolism are also great for Taurus as well as herbs that open the channels for detoxification, specifically of the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, skin and lungs. Cleavers is a plant that you find all over the place during Taurus season and it is a lymphagogue which moves water and relieves rigidity. Cleavers and nettles are both a diuretic and help cleanse the kidneys. Cleavers and nettles are not something we have thus far cultivated on the farm, purposefully, but I always love the surprise of finding them growing around the property. Sage is a wonderful gargle and cooling anti-inflammatory for the throat, commonly associated with Taurus. Circulatory stimulants are also great for Taurus folks and those would be plants like prickly ash and cayenne.