H is for Heart Healthy Hawthorne

Hawthorn (Crataegus Laevigata) is helpful for improving nervous conditions, insomnia, angina and extended use will lower blood pressure. It could become the source of an important cardiac medicine. The ancient Greeks and Romans regarded Hawthorn as a symbol of hope and happiness. Today it is thought to not only improve cardiac function but also to elevate the heart on an emotional level.

Scientists have discovered that Hawthorn dilates blood vessels, allow blood to flow more freely, thus improving circulation and lowering blood pressure. They have found that Hawthorn works directly on the heart muscle to improve a damaged hearts ability to function efficiently. It is also a natural reducer of LDL cholesterol from the body and helps decrease inflammation from the body. Hawthorn is also packed with a wide array of anti-oxidants which neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress and tissue damage in the body, improving fatigue and shortness of breath.

The unique anti-oxidant blend in Hawthorn creates a powerful vasodilating effect. It acts to improve blood vessel endothelial function so that the vessel is able to open with less resistance.  This allows greater blood flow in working tissues and improves oxygen utilization.  Hawthorn improves heart cell metabolism and enhances the flow of electrolytes across the cardiac cells.  This prevents or corrects heart rhythm abnormalities and strongly encourages a healthy cardiac rhythm. Hawthorne contains flavones that enhance the function of certain cardiac enzymes.  This effect increases the heart’s contractile force, which effectively boosts stroke volume while increasing the heart’s tolerance to hypoxic conditions.  It also improves the heart’s ability to create energy through anaerobic metabolism which improves the heart’s ability to withstand stress. This beautiful red fruit is beneficial for treating Congestive Heart Disease and treating or preventing blood clots.

Used daily it can restore overall heart health.